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BOOM: Hillary Spins A MASSIVE Lie At The Debate…Until Trump Drops A SLEDGEHAMMER!
By Cheryl Chumley|September 27, 2016

True to form, Hillary Clinton showed her untruthful side during last night’s debate.

And it didn’t take her long to let the lying begin.

The Political Insider put it this way: “The most-watched debate in the history of American politics [took] place [and] Hillary Clinton opened up with a massive lie.”

What exactly did she say that strayed from the truth?

While discussing the economy and the matter of trade and taxes, Clinton sent a pot-shot Donald Trump’s way about his start-up in life: the loan from his father. She mentioned how his father gave him a loan worth $14 million in order to start a business – and that Trump’s view of the economy and job growth is therefore rooted in a wealthy mindset that disregards the needs of the middle class.

Clinton then went on to make clear her childhood was completely different from Trump’s because her father worked in a trade and her family was middle-class.

But part of her statement was a lie – and Fox News in a tweet pointed out the discrepancy, via Trump’s stage response.

“Trump: ‘My father gave me a very small loan in 1975 and I built it into a company that’s worthy many, many billions,’ the tweet read.

And social media was quick to pick up on the falsehood.

A Twitter user with the handle Deplorable Action tweeted, the Political Insider found: “The debate just started and Hillary is already lying. Trump received 1 million dollars from his father not 14 million.”

Source: The Political Insider

Cheryl Chumley
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