BOOM! Literally… Protesters Prove Their STUPIDITY With THIS!

As anti-Trump protests have monopolized our nightly news, we are seeing the most foolish side of human behavior become normal.

Young adults and students are taking more dangerous risks to get attention for what, they believe, is a travesty as someone they vehemently oppose was chosen president.

Standing in the middle of a busy highway where cars are traveling at high rates of speed is not a good way to protest, and it has resulted in at least one unnecessary injury.

From Right Wing News:

Since Donald Trump was elected, anti-Trump protesters have been in a tailspin. They’ve been staging violent riots, blocking highways… there have even been instances of looting and arson. But one of them learned the hard way that blocking a highway is not a good idea.


The group of protesters, who are believed to be University of California, San Diego students, staged a protest near Interstate 5. They chanted “Education, not deportation!” and “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!” as they started wandering out onto the highway.

But as soon as they made that idiotic mistake, a car drove by and struck one of the protesters.

After  striking the protester, the car continued driving. The other protesters continued chanting as if nothing had happened before realizing that one of them had been hurt. Only then did they start shouting for people to get off the highway.

If these young people would spend as much time learning about the candidates as they do looking for causes to protest, they might actually achieve something noteworthy.

Source: Right Wing News





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