Boom: Look What Trump Is ALREADY Building At The Border…It’s ENORMOUS!

The problems posed by our weak southern border are almost too many to count.

For years illegal aliens have entered the U.S. through our border with Mexico. Under President Obama, the situation grew worse as he violated law to let more in and protect them.

The fallout of this situation is obvious. Millions of undocumented aliens have entered the country. They have taken jobs away from Americans–often minority citizens. They are willing to work for barely nothing, driving wages down even for legal citizens.

These illegals are a burden on our government programs, health care systems, even our schools. They use our resources but do not contribute with taxes. Yet often they have been found voting illegally in our major elections.

Worse still are the violent gang members and drug cartels. They easily enter our nation, spreading crime, violence, even slavery throughout America.

This is why President Trump wants to build a wall. Yet, for some unknown reason, democrats oppose him.

Already we are seeing progress on our Southern border. Believe it or not, the wall is being built.

And we have pictures of the first section of the barrier.

From Truth Feed:

While the mainstream media claimed Trump would never build a wall, it’s already happening.

Naco, Arizona has reported that 7 1/2 miles of flimsy pedestrian fencing has been now replaced by a massive steel border wall.

Border agents actually prefer the slits because they allow them to see any threats on the other side while being a the ground level.

While other areas of the border will surely have a “brick and mortar” wall, it was widely missed in the passed budget plan that Trump received over 1.5 billion to improve border control including replacing flimsy fencing with steel wall.

While this may not look as impressive as the future, brick and cement wall, it is clearly an effective barrier. Something of this size and strength will not be easily circumvented; people will not be able to climb it and any attempts to approach can be quickly thwarted.

This isn’t something they are going to talk about on CNN.

They don’t want to admit that Trump’s plans are moving ahead. They definitely won’t tell you about how effective they will be in the ensuring years.

But we’ll tell you. And you will be able to share it with everyone you know. Trump is winning; and the rest of us are winning with him.

Source: Truth Feed

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