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BOOM! New Poll Shows Trump In Command…Near Majority
By PJ Editor|April 20, 2016

There are only a few contests left.

With Indiana, Nebraska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota all expected to favor Ted Cruz, it is essential that Donald Trump soak up as many delegates as possible during the northeast primaries over the next few days.

His prospects of doing just that seem to have gotten a big boost today as new polling out of one of those important northeast states seems to show.

Hot Air has the story…

Donald Trump is close to the 50 percent mark among Connecticut likely Republican primary voters, while Ohio Gov. John Kasich tops Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in the race for second place, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. …

Likely Republican primary voters give Trump 48 percent, with 28 percent for Kasich and 19 percent for Cruz. Only 5 percent are undecided, but 25 percent of those who name a candidate say they might change their mind before the April 26 primary.

Connecticut holds 28 of the 118 available delegates that will be up for grabs on April 26. Big wins on that day means Trump will carry the momentum into Indiana on May 5th, where he hopes to blunt Cruz’s advantage.

Source: Hot Air

PJ Editor
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