BOOM! Numbers DON’T LIE! Clinton Foundation Donations PLUMMET By…

If you hear your friends or colleagues argue over whether Hillary is a criminal, remind them about the Clinton Foundation.

Clear evidence was found, thanks to books like Clinton Cash and other reports, that Hillary’s charitable foundation was taking money in exchange for favors. While she was secretary of state, the Foundation received millions from foreign nations like Saudi Arabia, which later received arms deals from our government.

The infamous email scandal highlighted the fact that Hillary tried to hide this scheme from the government by having her email server outside federal networks, so they wouldn’t find out what she was doing.

Now that we know her Foundation was nothing more than a bribery machine, donations have been tanking.

From Breitbart:

Donations to the Clinton Foundation tanked in 2015 amid allegations that Hillary Clinton used the billion-dollar charity to siphon seven-figure donations from foreign governments and corporations, who received favorable government actions while Clinton was Secretary of State.

The Clinton’s troubled charity received $108 million in donations in 2015, down from a $172 million haul in 2014, according to the organization’s tax records…

Allegations of corruption at the Clinton Foundation — first reported by Breitbart News Editor-at-Large, Clinton Cash author, and Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer — spurred more than a year of headlines and hard questions for Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign.

You better believe donations will all but disappear now that the Clinton’s no longer have a foothold in American government. Had Hillary won the presidency, donations from foreign interests would have skyrocketed, seeing as how they would have had an ally in the White House.

There is still an investigation going on into the Clinton Foundation’s dealings, according to the FBI. Time will tell what they uncover and if indictments are still on the way.

Source: Breitbart

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