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BOOM: Obama Drops Blame For Devastating Loss…Now Fox News Fires Back! [WATCH]
By Cheryl Chumley|December 6, 2016

It’s no surprise President Obama has nothing but scorn and derision for the conservatives of the country – for the world, for that matter.

Truly, those on the ideological right have been treated to nothing but arrogant put-downs and public slams for doing nothing more than possessing a viewpoint that’s different from the progressive minds of Obama and his ilk.

And perhaps few have suffered more of Obama’s attacks and hubris more than those at Fox News, a cable outlet the president and his leftist partisans absolutely hate.

The latest from Obama against Fox News came by way of a hit job against the cable outlet during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Then, Obama not only blasted Fox as the reason for the Democrat Party’s recent campaign and election failures. But he also blamed Fox for offering up steady streams of propaganda, via the nation’s bars and restaurants, that ultimately swayed the supposed numb-nuts of America’s outside-the-Beltway citizens – the message being, conservatives just can’t think for themselves.

“Thankfully,” the news blog Yes I’m Right opined, “those at Fox News aren’t taking it lightly, and they’re hitting back ten times as hard.”

For example, noted conservative pundit and author Laura Ingraham suggested Obama look inward and consider his own inaction on the economy as a driving force of Democratic election losses.

She said, the news blog wrote, citing her recent interview on “Special Report” on Fox News: “Almost seven in 10 people routinely say the country’s going in the wrong direction, wages have basically been flat since 1999, and yet this president comes out and in a very infantile manner blames cable news without any sense of personal responsibility.”

Then came Fox’s Neil Cavuto, with a similar message for Obama: Look at your own policies, because that’s what lost the Democrats the election.

Again, from Yes I’m Right: “Obama will be gone from the American political scene in a few weeks and I think we speak for the majority of America when we say that we couldn’t be more happy. His reign of do-nothing, sit-back-and-blam, will officially be over.”

Source: Yes I’m Right

Cheryl Chumley
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