BOOM: Trump STUNS With 100 Day BOMBSHELL…Obama Is Furious!

If Donald Trump starts breaking accepted protocol in Washington by actually keeping his campaign promises, he’s going to embarrass and antagonize much of the political class. Imagine voting for someone who then works to achieve that which he or she promised on the campaign trail.

The whole thing might spread with other elected officials encountering the previously unheard of notion of being held accountable by their constituents for the agenda they outlined during their campaigns. The idea of the thing must terrify them.

So what is it about Donald Trump’s agenda that’s shaking things up in Washington even before his inauguration?

The Wall Street Journal explains: “In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Pence said President-elect Donald Trump is preparing ambitious 100-day and 200-day plans aimed at fulfilling core campaign promises and jump-starting economic growth.”

He’s not even in office yet and Mr. Trump already has Mr. Obama breathing his exhaust. Specifics? Mr. Pence provided those, too. Again, from the WSJ:

The new administration’s first priorities would include curbing illegal immigration, abolishing and then replacing Mr. Obama’s signature health-care system, nominating a justice to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, and strengthening the military, said Mr. Pence, whose wife, Karen Pence, sat nearby during the interview.

By springtime, the Trump administration would work with congressional leaders ‘to move fundamental tax reform’ meant to ‘free up the pent-up energy in the American economy,’ he said.”

What we have here in Mr. Trump is someone who has had to actually compete in the business world in order to thrive. As opposed to career politicians who have been successful often by giving away benefits to constituents and lobbyists, Trump has had to create value.

In other words, Trump has succeeded by creating products and services markets actually want while containing costs, while the typical politician thrives by inflating expenses – just the opposite of the business model.

Donald Trump doesn’t fit in well with much of Washington, and that’s the source of much of the angst and anger we see liberals and others displaying over his victory in defeating Mrs. Clinton. The establishment class in Washington is realizing that business as usual is threatened, as Mr. Trump might just expose how useless much of official Washington really is.

The Trump agenda that Mr. Pence outlined is much more than just a plan for building walls and rebuilding our economy. It’s a different way of doing business in Washington. And Beltway officialdom doesn’t like it. Good. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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