BOOM: Wikileaks Strikes AGAIN! Proves Hillary And George Soros Have Been…

It’s hard to keep up with all the juicy tidbits contained in the newest wave of WikiLeaks document dumps. The overall message is clear, though: The Clintons and the Democrats are running a corrupt enterprise full of toadies and cronies. They don’t care about America. They care about getting more money and power.

Particularly disturbing (but not surprising) are their strong ties with the powerful billionaire “progressive” George Soros, as reported in Western Journalism:

A July 2015 shows the Democratic Party’s connection to billionaire George Soros. Jacqueline Carozza, a member of Soros’ team, had emailed Podesta about arranging a meeting while they were in Southampton, N.Y., over the summer. (…)

The emails also reveal that Soros’ influence dates all the way back to the 2008 election. The billionaire had preferences in how the Obama campaign should handle attacking the Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain.

An adviser at Soros Management Fund wrote: “I don’t think George will have a strong view on the allocation, beyond sharing your general pref for ground — because he doesn’t like TV advertising. If you ask him to think about additional funds stress that the message operation is multiplatform. Not primarily broadcast TV.”

So far, WikiLeaks has released 9,000 of a promised 50,000 emails, which they claim will reveal once and for all that Hillary Clinton is morally unfit to be president.

Pathetically, Team Clinton is trying to get Americans to focus on how their servers were hacked and by who — they say the Russians — instead of even bothering to refute the corruption and criminality they reveal.

Credit: Western Journalism

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