Border Patrol Makes Frightening Discovery That Rocks Nation…Trump Rushes To Shut It Down

President Donald Trump has been crystal clear about what needs to happen with illegal immigration, but the Left has magically transformed his words into a narrative that fits their agenda.

Trump simply wants the laws on the books to be enforced, and for those that enter our country to do so legally.

Who in their right mind would not want to see the laws on the books enforced? Expanding on that, why should a blind eye be turned to those that have entered the country illegally when scores of others have managed to do it the right way?

There’s no clear answer to either one of those simple questions, and that tells you all you need to know about the Leftist narrative.

In any event, progress continues to be made on the illegal immigration front – but it has been anything but easy.   

ABC News passes along the details on one of the latest challenges for U.S. Border Patrol agents.

U.S. Border Patrol agents discovered on Saturday morning a tunnel near the Mexican border near San Diego that was used to smuggle people into the country, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

The discovery was made after CBP agents arrested 30 people who were in the U.S. illegally near the Otay Mesa port of entry.

“At around 1:12 a.m., Border Patrol agents encountered several people who had apparently just been smuggled into the U.S.,” CBP said in a statement. “Agents searched the area and discovered a crude opening in the ground with a ladder inside and determined that is was a smuggling tunnel. The tunnel’s exit is located just north of the secondary fence in the vicinity of the Otay Mesa port of entry.”

Border Patrol agents have taken the 30 individuals – 23 Chinese nationals (21 men, 2 women) and 7 Mexican nationals (4 men and 3 women) – into custody for questioning.

The use of such tunnels is not new, but they have typically been used for drug smuggling.

“While subterranean tunnels are not a new occurrence along the California-Mexico border, they are more commonly utilized by transnational criminal organizations to smuggle narcotics,” the CBP said.

“However, as this case demonstrates, law enforcement has also identified instances where such tunnels were used to facilitate human smuggling.”

Immigration enforcement is tough enough as it is. It’s made even tougher by the completely unfounded and unnecessary narratives being pushed forth by the Left and their cronies in the mainstream media.

Add in the unfathomably selfish and irresponsible policies of so-called sanctuary cities, and the situation becomes untenable without enforcement.

Thankfully, we finally have a commander-in-chief that recognizes that.

You can rest assured that progress is being made.

Source: ABC News

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