BREAKING: Anti-Trump Protesters Turn VIOLENT…Media Cover-Up EXPOSED! [WATCH]

There’s a reason we’re called the Right. While our rivals have used dirty, deceptive tactics to undermine our values built on the Constitution, we use logic, facts, and truth to defeat them.

That was why, despite an unprecedented attack from the left, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in an electoral landslide. Blue states turned red. Battleground states were firmly conservative. All the emotional bullying and dishonest practices of the Democrats were foiled, as they often are.

So it comes as no surprise what we’re seeing right now. The left is pulling one last dirty trick out of their bag. Because they couldn’t win in a (almost) fair fight, they are resorting to what they know best: cheating.

From IJR:

Trump election protests have risen up to a new level of ferocity on Thursday.

Tens of thousands of frustrated Americans have taken to the streets to express their shock and outrage at Donald Trump being elected The President of the United States.

How much have the protests swelled? Chicago was effectively “shut down” on Wednesday…

Daily Californian reporter Chantelle Lee provided stunning video of protesters smashing a police cruiser and ‘lighting it on fire’…

Protesters started a fire after they had smashed a window in a building, according to footage released by another Daily Californian reporter.

A theater building was crashed.

The windows of a cafe and other local businesses were smashed in.

Are these the actions of reasonable, intelligent people? Are these the kind of people we want running our nation? Thank God the liberal elite and radical social justice warriors lost this election. These kind of irrational, emotion-driven, dishonest, and corrupt people would be planning to take over the White House right now (from people just as baseless).

We as a nation are better than this. These acts are merely perpetrated by liberal groups, who have already been exposed as corrupt, criminal organizations. Why should we expect anything different when they lose?

Right now we need to reach out to every decent liberal friend and neighbor. They need to know that those pulling the strings of their party are corrupt, democracy-undermining individuals. The good, honest Americans that supported the DNC need to come to grips with this reality and abandon the party.

Source: IJR

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