California Congressman Commits Treason Against President Trump, Launches SICK Revolution

Ever since Donald Trump assumed office, his administration has been plagued by leaks.

It seems as though every week a new White House operative is leaking classified information to the press, who then plaster our nation’s secrets all over every newspaper and headline.

Contrary to what the Left says, these leaks are neither intended to protect freedom nor the American people. Instead, they only serve to attack the President and stop him from enacting his America First agenda.

You would think the Left would eventually get tired of so much treason.

Nevertheless, they keep on coming, and in increasingly nefarious ways.

For example, California Congressman Ted Lieu announced that he created an official website for leakers to attack President Trump.

From Angry Patriot:

The latest politician to put his criminal nature on full display is Ted Lieu, a member of the U.S. House from California. Congressman Lieu has created an official website on how to leak to the press to hurt Trump (via Twitter). He’s literally institutionalizing treason!

Lieu is a staunch Democrat representing California’s 33rd District. He spends his days on Twitter badmouthing President Trump — yet criticizes the president for using the social platform.

In this leftist’s latest grab for attention, he’s created a page that provides instructions for leakers who want to reveal classified information from the Trump administration. Lieu is encouraging people to betray our country!

The worst part about Lieu’s treasonous website is that it is part of his official House of Representatives page. That is a bombshell revelation that underscores the utter depravity of Lieu’s actions, because it means that Lieu is using taxpayer dollars from hardworking Americans to fund more leaks.

Ted Lieu and his website confirm that anti-Trumpers and Leftists live in a world of their own.

In the real world, people cannot encourage others to break the law. People also cannot use tax dollars for their personal political grudges.

The real world stands for the rule of law, morality, and ethics. It is opposed to treason and other actions that endanger the lives of the American people.

In Ted Lieu and the Democrats’ fantasy land, however, none of these principles exist.

For liberals, common decency goes out the door as soon as they feel “offended” or “micro-aggressed” by a real American like President Trump.

The liberal mind thinks that morals exist only when they best serve their cause. Otherwise, they use every trick in the book to destroy people who disagree with them. They have no regard for the American people – they are singularly focused on opposing the President, and they could care less about who gets hurt in the process.

Someone needs to remind Lieu and his leaker friends that treason is against the law. Perhaps a reminder that those who spill our national secrets end up behind bars would get Lieu to stop and think before he commits treason again.

Liberals need to understand that endangering the American people through leaks is not just something they can do whenever they disagree with the President. What makes our country so unique is that we have real, legal outlets for debate. Liberals just need to learn how to use them.

Source: Angry Patriot

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