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BREAKING: Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump [VIDEO Here]
By PJ Editor|February 26, 2016

BREAKING: In a huge development for this Presidential campaign, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey just announced his endorsement of Donald Trump.

This came as a shock to many in attendance, as Christie appeared unannounced at a Trump rally in Fort Worth to make his bombshell endorsement.

Watch the full video here then read more below:

CNN Politics reports:

Christie showed up unannounced in Fort Worth, Texas, to laud Trump and savage Rubio, drawing gasps from reporters, after concluding the billionaire was destined to win the Republican nomination and was the best person to slug it out with Hillary Clinton for the White House.

“I will lend my support between now and November in any way for Donald,” Christie told shocked reporters before Trump fired up a rally in the state with most delegates up for grabs in the Super Tuesday primaries next week.

In the short term, Christie’s move put a halt to Rubio’s victory lap after his stunning prosecution of Trump’s character, background and business career in Thursday night’s GOP debate, the most effective takedown of the billionaire so far in this campaign.

In the longer term, Christie’s support equips Trump with a powerful and outspoken surrogate who can match the former reality star’s tart tongue and, like him, can inflame a media narrative critical of his opponents.

Trump accompanied his rollout of Christie with a stream of invective against Rubio, reflecting the raised stakes ahead of Super Tuesday and the scorched-earth duel now raging between them.

Credit: CNN

PJ Editor
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