BREAKING: Hillary’s Clinton Foundation HACKED…Exposes MASSIVE Democrat Corruption!

The hacks are back! Americans have had a break from hearing about the Democratic Party’s computer security problems, but now Hillary’s been hacked once again.

The notorious hacker who calls himself Guccifer 2.0 is the one behind this new breach of the Clinton Foundation computers:

One spreadsheet appears to detail how much banks have given to lawmakers on the House Financial Services Committee. Another document shows how much banks gave to Democratic lawmakers and how much those banks received from the 2008 bailout bill to stabilize the financial sector, known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP.
“It looks like big banks and corporations agreed to donate to the Democrats a certain percentage of the allocated TARP funds,” wrote Guccifer 2.0.

Some cybersecurity experts believe Guccifer 2.0 is an invented identity that the Russian government is using to release files it obtains through hacking.

Why does this keep happening? If these people can’t keep their own servers secure, how can we rely on them to protect the nation?

Credit: The Political Insider

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