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BREAKING: CLEAN SWEEP IN COLORADO…This Candidate Just Picked Up 21 New Delegates
By PJ Editor|April 8, 2016

Wow. Talk about getting out hustled and out organized.

Smart money said that one campaign had an advantage going into this week’s Colorado Republican District Conventions, but no one expected them to win every one of the 21 available delegates!

This is a very bad sign for Donald Trump as Ted Cruz continues to win the ground game.

Tomorrow is Colorado’s state convention and next week Wyoming has theirs. As it stands now, Ted Cruz will likely win all 30 available delegates at both, extending his streak since Arizona to 142-7 over Donald Trump!

The Wall Street Journal has more…

In a series of party meetings by congressional district over the last week, Mr. Cruz’s supporters shut out his rivals to win all 21 delegate slots–3 from each of the state’s 7 congressional districts. The last meeting was Friday, in advance of the state convention that will award another 13 delegates tomorrow; 3 remaining slots are filled by top state party officials.

Source: Wall Street Journal

PJ Editor
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