BREAKING: Congress Just SLAPPED FBI Director Comey With Subpoena…Hillary Is PANICKING!

When the Founders hammered out our founding documents they gave us three branches of government. The executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch. It appears now that all branches have been consolidated into one supreme branch that is completely under the control of the president. That is the very definition of a dictatorship.

Since president Obama has seen fit to ignore our Constitution and refuses to enforce laws he doesn’t like such as our immigration laws, it only follows that anyone under his tutelage will do the same thing. Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has followed his example by deleting emails, from a personal email server, that were requested by congressional investigators looking into her possible mishandling of classified documents.

When FBI director, James Comey, released the findings of an FBI investigation, he stated Hillary Clinton to be criminally negligent at the worst and at the least, incompetent but still recommended that Hillary not be indicted. After congress subpoenaed the documents, director Comey handed over documents that were so highly redacted they were deemed to be useless.

Right wing News quoted from the Independent Journal Review:

The FBI Director’s recommendation to the Attorney General not to indict Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for legal infractions with her private email server while at the State Department still has many political observers shaking their heads over the obvious legal double standard.

The decision-making of FBI Director Comey, who recently sent highly redacted notes of his interview process and investigation of Hillary Clinton, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who had a private meeting with Bill Clinton prior to her case being dismissed, have been highly scrutinized.

After grilling Comey on the Hill, Congress requested that the director deliver certain documents so lawmakers could better understand the scope and breadth of Hillary Clinton’s extra-legal email activities. The director has reportedly failed to deliver, and now Congress is once again trying to get transparency.

And the Washington Examiner reported:

House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Chairman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, subpoenaed FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday for documents and information related to the security of the private email account and server Hillary Clinton used when she led the State Department.

Smith asked Comey for the documents in a Sept. 9 letter, but then issued the subpoena after Comey failed to comply with the request.

President Obama’s total lack of respect for the American system of government has pervaded the government so deeply that now even future potential candidates for our county’s highest office and their subordinates are showing disrespect in the way they ignore legally binding demands from Congress for documents. This is not only an outrage it is a sign of the impending collapse of America if measures are not taken immediately to hold accountable those responsible. We cannot survive as a free nation if our leaders have no integrity! Indeed, let’s hope that military defeat and slavery are not our next step!

Source: Right Wing News


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