BREAKING: Dem Senate Leader Drops BOMBSHELL…Liberal Establishment Is In MELTDOWN!

Soon, New York’s Chuck Schumer will be the leader of the Senate Democrats, for what that’s worth.

With Trump headed for the White House, it fell to Schumer to tell a core Democratic bloc—organized labor—what this means going forward.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership was one of the trigger topics of the 2016 election. Donald Trump and Republicans surprisingly aligned with Bernie Sanders on this one (though not for the same reasons), opposing Hillary Clinton a a few key Democrats like Schumer.

The Washington Post reports what happens going forward:

The Senate’s soon-to-be top Democrat told labor leaders…that the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the trade deal at the center of President Obama’s “pivot” to strengthen ties with key Asian allies, will not be ratified by Congress.

That remark from Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), who is expected to be the incoming Senate minority leader, came as good news to the AFL-CIO Executive Council, which met Thursday in Washington. (…)

The deal never had much of a following among congressional Democrats to begin with. Only 28 of 188 House Democrats and 13 of 44 Senate Democrats supported granting Obama the authority to negotiate and finalize a deal last year. 

While Trump has a clear mandate to renegotiate the TTP and other trade deals, not everyone will be happy about it.

Source: Washington Post

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