BREAKING: Democrat Governor Linked To STUNNING Cover-Up…No One Saw THIS Coming!

Apparently, the questions surrounding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his long-ago scandal about a curious bridge closure that some allege was political revenge are ongoing.

The latest, by way of David Wildstein, one of the witnesses at the trial that’s been loosely billed as “Bridgegate,” is this: He’s alleged a notable politico actually helped Christie cover up the scandal.


None other than New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Here’s the story, from Politico: “Cuomo, a Democrat, and Christie, a Republican, agreed that the agency would release a report washing over the incident, saying the lane closures were the result of a traffic study commissioned by officials on the New Jersey side of the agency and that there had been a ‘failure of communications,’ Wildstein testified.”

The bombshell testimony didn’t go unanswered by the Cuomo camp. Shortly after Wildstein’s statements went public, Cuomo’s office issued a denail

“To be clear,” a spokesman for the governor said, Politico reported, “no such conversation between the governors happened, in fact no report of any kind was ever done, and whatever the admitted bridgegate architect thought or dreamt about New York’s involvement has no basis in fact. Anyone can say anything, especially a convicted felon spinning a tale, but it’s just false and delusional.”

At the same time, the Wall Street Journal did report in 2013 that a phone conversation did take place between Christie and Cuomo about the bridge lane closures. But the story didn’t cite the source of that information, and the writer also did not mention any collaborative cover-up attempt between Christie and Cuomo.

On top of that, Wildstein’s testimony roped in New York and New Jersey Port Authority executive director Patrick Foye, by saying Foye knew of the cover-up.

But Hot Air reported: “[Foye’s] lawyer tells Politico that Wildstein’s account is ‘not accurate.'”

Source: Politico, Hot Air

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