BREAKING: Democrat Party Leader SHOCK Allegations…Liberals Panic! [WATCH]

Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota has been a controversial figure, starting with his insistence on using a Koran instead of the traditional Bible during his swearing in ceremony.

Now he is back in the headlines again. He is being touted as the most likely pick to chair the Democratic National Committee. Some might say the DNC has enough problems already without choosing a new boss who comes with so much baggage.

Ellison is under more scrutiny than ever before, as Michel Becker reports:

His local newspaper the Minneapolis Star Tribune has ignored his ties to Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, and to Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. There is complete silence about Ellison’s call for a black state.

There’s also total silence about a trip that Ellison took in 2008 to Saudi Arabia where he met with a radical Muslim cleric who endorsed the killing of U.S. soldiers, and is meeting with the bank president who was responsible for paying the families of “Palestinian” suicide bombers. The trip to Saudi Arabia was paid for by the Muslim American Society, a group that was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood so they would have a shell organization in the United States.

In spite of this and other red flags, Ellison has been endorsed by powerful Democrats and seems to be on the fast track to get the job.

Isn’t it amazing that in a nation of over 300 million citizens, the Democrats can’t seem to find candidates for one of their top jobs who aren’t total trainwrecks?

Source: Joe for America

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