BREAKING: Democrats Caught BRAGGING About Voter Fraud! Postal Worker Admits He…

All throughout this election cycle the issue of voter fraud has been a hot topic and it isn’t going away any time soon.

One recent POLITICO/Morning Consult poll has 41% of voters surveyed saying the elections could be stolen from Republican, Donald Trump, because of voter fraud.

Now we learn that a postal worker in Ohio went on Twitter to brag about ripping up absentee, Trump ballots.

And it looks like this wasn’t the only time this Twitter user used the forum to tout their illegal activities. There is a whole conversation with a respondent informing this admitted “felon” about the law and his or her possibly being prosecuted.

The offender, however, didn’t seem to care.

From Proud Conservative:


More than likely, this is happening all over the country with absentee votes for Trump being destroyed.

We wonder if their is going to be anything about this election that is fair. Hillary’s voters all seem to be OK with breaking laws and ignoring the will of the majority of voters.

Getting the Republican people’s champion,Donald Trump, elected to the presidency may be a feat similar to simultaneously defeating the Japanese and the Nazis in WWII, when they had to fight the battle on several fronts at the same time.

We may need to enlist the divine powers in heaven to stop the devilish forces of Hillary Clinton and the Marxists from running roughshod over what little liberty we have left.

Source: Proud Conservative

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