BREAKING: Democrats CHILLING Attempt To Take Away Our Choice…American Democracy At STAKE!

Have the Democrats ever looked like such sore losers? Sure, the court case after the 2000 election was bad, with Al Gore going to court to contest George Bush’s win.

But some bitter Democrats are going even farther. Because Trump won the Electoral College vote but not (allegedly) the popular vote, many members of the party want to change the rules of the system altogether, rules the Founding Fathers put in place for good reason.

NTK Network reports:

On Tuesday, disgruntled Democrats held a forum to discuss the possibility of replacing the Electoral College.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) conceded that Democrats could not get rid of the Electoral College due to the way the United States Constitution is written.

Lofgren went on to say she is open to a Constitutional Convention, “We are three states away from calling for a Constitutional Convention. It’s something I’ve always been opposed to, …. But I’ll say because, for the second time in sixteen years, people the American voters elected did not become president. Rational people, not the fringe, are now talking about whether states could be separated from the U.S., whether we should have a Constitutional Convention.

It’s so obvious to every sane American that the Democrats are only calling for this unprecedented reform because they lost.

It is common knowledge that Hillary Clinton’s votes came primarily from densely populated coastal cities, which are notoriously “progressive.”

Those cities are the real “fringe” in terms of ideas. Without the Electoral College, the average American in “flyover country” would be totally disenfranchised.

Credit: NTK Network

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