BREAKING: The Early Vote Count Is IN…And Trump Is SPEECHLESS!

All through the presidential campaigns, we’ve seen how the mainstream media likes to skew the polls in favor of Democrat, Hillary Clinton, over Republican, Donald Trump.

Supposedly the way they do it is by over polling Democrats, in some cases, by as much as 9% or more.

According to the latest poll from Florida, However, FOX News is showing Trump at 42% over Clinton’s 40%, in early voting with voters mailing them in.

The tally is incomplete though since 38% of Republicans and 39% of Democrats have yet to vote.

It’s looking good for Trump at present but the final count will have to wait till November 8th.

Gateway Pundit provides some details:

Florida is a must-win state for Donald Trump to declare victory on election day and the good news is that he’s off to a very good start.

In fact, his lead in early voting there is a first for Republicans.

Back in September Trump led Hillary Clinton in early voting.















Trump still leads Hillary Clinton in Florida early voting.

In 2012 the early voting breakdown was this:
43% Democrats
40% Republicans
17% Other-Independent

This year the early voting breakdown is:
40% Democrat
42% Republican
18% Other-Independent

One thing for certain is the Establishment media have been in the bag for Hillary right from the beginning so a poll showing Trump in the lead in early voting in Florida is a first.

Whether Trump can pull off a victory is going to be anybody’s guess but if rally attendance numbers are any indication, it should be fairly obvious early on.

Source: Right Wing News

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