BREAKING: The Early Votes Are In…Hillary Can’t Spin THESE Numbers!

As we get closer to Election Day, we are hearing a lot about early voting. Many states have already opened the polls, encouraging voters to cast their ballots to avoid the long lines on November 8.

Many people are also voting by mail, to side step lines and make sure their vote is counted, regardless of scheduling conflicts.

Candidates tend to encourage their supporters to vote early. It makes sure that every supporter will do their part, avoiding any unnecessary delays or problems if they’ve waited for Election Day.

It also gives pundits and news outlets one last chance to manipulate the election by announcing trends as results long before the polls close.

That’s what we’re seeing right now. Record numbers of people have requested mail in ballots in key states across the country. Although both Republicans and Democrats are requesting, the Clinton camp is desperately trying to spin it in their favor.

From Fox News:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is touting some “eye-popping” advantages in early voting, in an apparent effort to energize Democratic voters, but preliminary figures suggest the race remains tighter than her aides acknowledge.

The preliminary numbers appear to show Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, with an edge in several of the roughly 10 battleground states that will decide the 2016 White House race.

“We’re seeing eye-popping vote-by-mail application numbers,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said on “Fox News Sunday.”

In Arizona and North Carolina, for example, more registered Democrats than Republicans have indeed cast early ballots.

But such numbers are open to interpretation, including how many Democrats in those two states voted for Clinton.

Meanwhile, early data shows Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump with potential advantages of his own in battleground states Florida, Ohio and elsewhere.

We’ve seen throughout this election an effort on the part of Hillary to distort information to her advantage. Polls have lost all credibility, as have major news networks. So it’s no surprise to see her camp trying to spin this news in her favor.

All we know is that many people have requested ballots. It remains to be seen whether they will even use them, or if they will vote for Hillary at all. We’ve seen many democrats this year lose faith in the party, after Hillary and the DNC colluded to destroy Bernie Sanders.

Many more have expressed admiration for Trump and offered his support, including record numbers of black Americans.

With a campaign that has suffered severe low energy for months, the Clinton camp is trying to do whatever it can to generate some support among democrats. The media is already calling her the winner, despite the vast majority of Americans have yet to vote.

This is the same tactic Germany used as they were being bombed by Allied Forces at the end of WWII.

The fact remains this election is nothing like ones in the past, and guesses and estimates as to the outcome will most likely be off. All we can do now is make sure our vote is heard, by voting early, sending in a mail-in ballot, or being first in line come Election Day.

Don’t miss your opportunity.

Source: Fox News

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