BREAKING: Earthquake Leaves STAGGERING Destruction! Latest Death Toll Up To…

An earthquake struck Italy in the early morning in an event residents are describing “like Dante’s Inferno.”  A powerful 6.2 quake ripped through towns while thousands of vacationers were still finishing up their summers on Italy’s sun-kissed lands.  Entire towns were flattened and the death toll continues to rise.

CBS News reports:

Residents wakened before dawn by the temblor emerged from their crumbled homes to find what they described as apocalyptic scenes “like Dante’s Inferno,” with entire blocks of buildings turned into piles of sand and rock, thick dust choking the air and a putrid smell of gas.

Italy earthquake terremoto

“The town isn’t here anymore,” said Sergio Pirozzi, the mayor of the hardest-hit town, Amatrice. “I believe the toll will rise.”

The frantic search for signs of life continued through they day as dazed residents tried to grasp the scale of the disaster, reports CBS News correspondent Seth Doane.

Workers scale shattered buildings

The death toll stood at 159, but the number of dead and missing was uncertain given the thousands of vacationers in the area for summer’s final days.

Our hearts go out to those in the middle of this terrible disaster.  Thankfully America is at the forefront of aid when countries are in need, and we hope the Italian communities and the globe can rally around to help find survivors and begin to rebuild what was lost.

Source: CBS News

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