BREAKING: New Evidence ROCKS The Race…Hillary’s STUNNING Disregard For The Law!

As a former contractor for the U.S. government, I personally know how seriously they take cyber security. Although I was just a lowly web master, I had to undergo rigorous screening, not to mention pass through a variety of firewalls, simply to update a regional EPA website.

The security was so tight, I couldn’t access the website’s server from anywhere but my physical desk at the office. That’s right, no alternate work location for me. But all the measures helped ensure the agency’s websites were safe from hackers, DDOS attacks, and other various threats.

So I often balk when I hear about Hillary Clinton’s gross disregard for government security. As a former first lady, senator, and secretary of state, she knows—far better than I—the steps necessary to secure the digital content of a government agency.

Yet she flouted all those regulations to set up an illegal, private, and unprotected email server.

I thought she did this in spite of all the security training she must have had. However, we are learning that this 40+ year government worker might not have had the required training at all.

From The Political Insider:

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton failed to complete the highest level of security training mandated by the Department of State for the proper handling of the government’s most secret documents when she entered the department in 2009, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation under the Freedom of Information Act.

According to the documents, Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, her deputy chief, both completed required training on the handling of “Special Compartmented Information” (SCI) when they entered the department.

A document signed by Mills Jan. 29, 2009, and one signed by Abedin the next day indicated that both officials “Completed SCI indoctrination,” or top-level security training.

Missing from Tuesday’s release was any signed document confirming that Clinton completed the SCI training course.

Government employees are often required to undergo training as a regular course of their job. Yet, Hillary Clinton was able to dodge this necessary security training. Why? Maybe because she thought herself above it? Maybe she was too important to sit through such a boring session. Or maybe she just assumed cronies Huma and Cheryl could do it for her.

In any case, it is a clear example of how Clinton considers herself above rules and law. She doesn’t think they apply to her, so she just ignores them.

What happens the next time she flouts a law? What if she becomes president and ignores basic standards and procedures? What if next time, we don’t recover from one of her mistakes?

Source: The Political Insider

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