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BREAKING: Failing Twitter CEO Refuses Trump Ad Deal! Check Out How Much He Lost…
By Cheryl Chumley|November 22, 2016

It’s a well-known fact Donald Trump is a Twitter user, to put it mildly.

His tweets during the campaign season, many of which were blunt clarifications of the media’s skewed reports, were widely read, widely distributed and retweeted.

But according to some sources, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey actually hampered the Trump campaign during the critical last few weeks of fighting against Hillary Clinton.

“[He] allegedly restricted Donald Trump’s use of paid advertising on the social media platform, even though the company stock has plummeted by 77 percent since the beginning of 2013,” Breitbart reported.

Specifically, the news site said the Trump campaign wanted to buy $5 million worth of hashtag branding ads against Clinton – a sum that would have helped the financially ailing company get back in the black. But the deal fell through. Why?

“Dorsey personally overrode [it],” Breibart reported, citing statements from Gary Coby, the director of digital advertising and fundraising for Trump’s presidential campaign.

According to Coby, Trump’s campaign actually had a signed contracted agreement with Twitter to buy the #CrookedHillary tag and an accompanying emoji holding a bag with a dollar sign – but it fell through at the last minute.

“Just days before the first presidential debate on Sept. 26, Trump’s team received a call from Twitter’s VP of U.S. sales, Dan Greene, who stated that the ‘newly evolved running stick figure emoji’ had not been approved and the ‘approval on the previously OK’d … emoji was pulled back and was no longer allowed to be used,” Breitbart said.

Twitter said it had a reason for this.

From Breitbart: “Twitter claimed it acted because it feared litigation from ‘HRC.'”

So the Trump team struck out to devise and design an emoji that would receive Twitter approval. And the one that finally got the OK: A “money bag with wings” that represented “government waste and money flying away from taxpayers,” Coby said, Breitbart reported.

This is where Dorsey jumped in.

From Breitbart: “But Coby was informed on October 7 that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ‘personally killed the emoji and notified his senior staff.’ On a call that afternoon, Dorsey claimed ‘a last-minute legal review was triggered and they needed to pull the emoji because there wasn’t a paid-for-by disclaimer.’ Coby sarcastically commented: ‘Again. Seriously, they said this.'”

So basically, Trump used Twitter to fuel his campaign, the Trump team tried to pay for more Twitter use, Twitter could’ve really used the money – but because Dorsey didn’t like the message, he turned down Trump and Trump’s money. What a great business decision that proved to be.

Source: Breitbart

Cheryl Chumley
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