BREAKING: Hillary’s Campaign Dealt FATAL BLOW…Fox News Reveals Server HACKED By…

There’s been A LOT of talk this year about Hillary Clinton’s email server. So we can understand if you don’t fully grasp why it’s so serious.

We know that Hillary Clinton set up the private server so that she could hide her interactions with the Clinton Foundation and foreign interests. There is clear evidence that, while secretary of state, she took money—laundered through her Foundation—in exchange for face time and favors from the State Department.

That’s called bribery.

To keep this from the government, she used a private server that only she and her closest allies could use. But it doesn’t stop there. She also used the server to transmit government messages and documents as secretary of state. Sensitive information was stored on this server, including classified and Top Secret documents, outside the United State’s federal firewalls.

All government agencies use strict firewalls and data protection on their networks (I worked for the EPA for years and I can attest to this fact). Although not perfect, the government ensures the highest standards so that sensitive information doesn’t get stolen by hackers, spies, and international threats to our country.

Hillary’s private server stored in her New York apartment had none of those. Yet she still used it to transmit State department intel, exposing it to foreign agents.

This jeopardized our national security, including the safety of you and me.

Now we are getting word that in fact there were multiple hacks on her server and information was stolen.

From Twitchy:

On tonight’s edition of “Special Report,” Bret Baier revealed something that, if true, could spell even more trouble for scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton:

So not only has Clinton broken the law to hide her money-laundering scheme with the Clinton Foundation, but she has willfully allowed hackers to steal government intel, making us all much less safe.

Source: Twitchy

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