BREAKING: Government Caught SPYING On Americans! Infiltrated Everyone Who Uses…

Government spying on individual email accounts has been a subject of great concern among privacy buffs, patriots and constitutionalists alike. It’s a very unpopular thing when the government wants to spy on everybody just to find the few who are an actual threat to America’s security and nobody wants to be on the list of those being spied on.

Now, we learn that Yahoo has cooperated with the government’s plan to spy on our emails by actually writing a custom software program to do just that.

According to Reuters:

The company complied with a classified U.S. government demand, scanning hundreds of millions of Yahoo Mail accounts at the behest of the National Security Agency or FBI, said three former employees and a fourth person apprised of the events.

Reuters was unable to determine what data Yahoo may have handed over, if any, and if intelligence officials had approached other email providers besides Yahoo with this kind of request.

Supposedly, Yahoo is the only ¬†internet company so far that has complied with the NSA’s request to hand over information. This represents a huge incursion into individual privacy and will probably be an ongoing debate long into the future.

Most of us know that the government is becoming more power hungry, lusting for control over, literally, everything we do. Some spying is inevitable but where do they draw the line? A wise founding father once said “anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither” and it appears this is exactly what the government wants us to do!

Source:  Reuters

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