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BREAKING: Hillary Can’t Hide Hide Her HEALTH CRISIS Now…Not After THIS!
By Cheryl Chumley|September 6, 2016

Once again, Hillary Clinton’s health has taken front and center on her campaign.

And once again, the big question is: Is the former secretary of State physically able to take on the White House job?

Check this out, via the Hill: “Hillary Clinton took a jab at Donald Trump amid a coughing fit that erupted right after she took the stage for a campaign rally in Cleveland on Monday.”

Clinton tried to play the fit off as a natural reaction to Donald Trump, saying that whenever she thinks of the billionaire businessman, she “get[s] allergic,” Allen West reported.

But this isn’t the first time coughing has interrupted her campaign speech. In February, she actually was so overcome with throat problems, she snuck what many political watchers said was a cough drop from her pocket – while at the podium – and surreptitiously slid it into her mouth.

Her near-habitual coughing fits haven’t gone unnoticed by the medical community.

CNN’s Dr. Drew has previously expressed “grave concern” over Clinton’s health, while President Barack Obama’s own former physician has stated his public belief that she ought to have a full neurological exam to make sure she’s fit to serve.

Social media posters, meanwhile, are also scratching their heads.

Twitter poster and Cleveland.com political reporter Henry Gomez wrote: “Clinton is really struggling here. Not sure she’s going to be able to go very long.”

And this, from Breitbart’s White House correspondent, Charlie Spiering: “Tim Kaine stood up to try to help Clinton as she struggled with more coughing – sat back down.”

Source: Allen West

Cheryl Chumley
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