BREAKING: Hillary Just Dropped The BLAME For Her Defeat…But It’s Not What You Think!

Hillary Clinton has probably done some soul searching in the wake of a failed presidential bid to a man who has never held political or military office.  Even with the Democrat political machine at her back, the media as her campaign, and loads of cash from Wall Street and K Street, she lost in an electoral landslide.

The pundits have been spinning like a top trying to figure out how they got it so wrong—but now Hillary herself has weighed in, according to an inside donor source.

No one guessed this was the reason for her loss—until now.

Politico reports:

Hillary Clinton pinned the blame for her defeat on FBI Director James Comey’s letters about her email arrangement in a conference call with her top campaign contributors on Saturday afternoon.

Speaking with Democrats who raised over $100,000 for her failed bid for the presidency, the former secretary of state said Comey’s second letter — just three days before the election — did more damage than the first, which landed just 11 days out, according to one individual on the call, who described her tone as clearly sad but hopeful.

Clinton told participants that the campaign’s data saw her numbers plunge after the first letter, then rebounded. But the second letter, she said, awakened Donald Trump’s voters.

Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Many people have posited that FBI Director James Comey’s initial letter 11 days out hurt her, although we will never know for sure the extent of the damage since the polls leading up to and including Election Day proved completely unreliable.  But few have guessed that the “all clear” from James Comey, just 3 days out from the election, could have hurt her so badly.

It makes complete sense, though.  Her numbers tanked precipitously after Comey first let her off the hook, while making it perfectly clear that anyone else not named “Clinton” would have served prison time for such recklessness.  This final letter, just days before the election, reminded the Trump base and anyone sitting on the fence that the system really is rigged, with insiders in the FBI and Justice Department making justice for the Clinton’s crimes an impossibility.

And the American people were not going to stand for it.  So if your friends ask you what happened in 2016—what was the needle that broke Hillary’s back—just remind them that her lies caught up to her, and Americans just needed a clear reminder there was only way justice would be accomplished: at the polls.

Source: The Right Scoop

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