BREAKING: Massive Hillary Flip-Flop EXPOSED…Proves Donald Trump Is RIGHT! [WATCH]

We all know that politicians sometimes change their minds but few could argue that any other politicians have changed their positions more than Hillary Clinton has.

Now she’s taken flip-flopping to a whole new level.

In her previous existence as a supposed moderate Democrat, (as opposed to the flaming leftist she is now), Hillary actually once supported the border wall between the US and Mexico. You don’t take our word for it—watch the video below.

According to a post from the Daily Caller:

Thursday marks the ten-year anniversary of the day Hillary Clinton voted in favor of building a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border, intended to stop illegal immigration.

The Secure Fence Act of 2006’s stated purpose was to check the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs, and other illegal goods into the U.S. by erecting a double-layer fence along large swaths of the border. The law also generally increased funding for border security, authorizing funds for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to purchase cameras, drones, and other assets.

 At the time, Hillary Clinton said the law was the only possible fix to a seemingly endless torrent of illegal immigrants entering the U.S.

“There isn’t any sensible approach except to do what we need to do simultaneously: you know, secure our borders with technology and personnel, physical barriers if necessary in some places,” she told the Council on Foreign Relations.

Of course, Madame Flip-flopper went on to defend her statements: by saying her vote helped to secure the border, but now no further construction is needed because the border has been secured.

Well, it is so nice to know that Hillary is on top of the issue so Donald Trump can bring it up in the next presidential debate. She needs to be called out on the ‘leaking sieve’ that is allowing hundreds of illegals to march across the border every day, nearly unhindered. Hopefully Trump will do it and her supporters will see what a brazen hypocrite she really is.

Source: Allen West

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