BREAKING: Hillary Just Got Some DEVASTATING News…Proves Her Base Is CRUMBLING!

For generations, the Democrats have taken the African-American vote for granted. Is 2016 the year some of these voters finally leave “the plantation,” as some black conservatives call this state of affairs?

Donald Trump has been polling fairly well in that community, and anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that the GOP candidate has a strong cadre of “secret” black supporters out there.

However, a devastating document has just been released that may increase their numbers.

The great Allen West has written about this letter at length, since he correctly believes the mainstream media will try to bury it:

Today a letter signed by more than two dozen leaders was delivered to the Hillary Clinton campaign articulating the issues many in the black religious community have with Mrs. Clinton — trust me, this is a prevailing silent opinion. (…)

Dr. Jacqueline C. Rivers presented this “Open Letter to Hillary Clinton Regarding Religious Freedom for Black America.” Rivers is a Harvard-trained sociologist who has lived and worked among the urban poor for thirty years. She is Executive Director and Senior Fellow of the Seymour Institute for Black Church and Policy Studies in Boston. The letter is signed by black clergy, activists and intellectuals from across the U.S., some of whom accompanied her.

The letter reminds black voters about something Clinton said in 2015, during a speech to the National Organization for Women: that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed…”

In other words, a Clinton administration would try to undermine religious freedom in America, especially pertaining to the beliefs and activities of conservative Christians.

The document is a devastating indictment of Democratic indifference or even outright hostility to the rights and concerns of black pastors and their congregations.

Allen West insists that the signatories of this letter are the real deal, whereas “the faux ‘religious’ leaders – i.e. charlatans — such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Sr. aren’t representative of the greater black religious community.”

Is it too little too late? Can generations of voting patterns be undone by one document? Maybe not the document itself, but it could be a clear sign that the battle for the liberty in the hearts and minds of all Americans has taken an encouraging turn.

Source: Allen West

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