BREAKING: Hillary Just Threw Huma UNDER THE BUS…But Huma’s Ready To STRIKE BACK!

Now that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is under the FBI microscope again, she is definitely in damage control mode and looking for someone she can throw to the wolves just in case they get too close to her tender drumsticks.

She doesn’t plan on losing any skin from this new round of federal scrutiny and is probably already formulating plans to sacrifice another poor sucker to the god of political expediency.

This time it may be her longtime associate and close personal adviser, Huma Abedin, who bites the career bullet for Hillary and her ambition for world dominance.

Hillary characterized Abedin as just “one of my staffers” when she referred to the woman who has been her close personal confidant for 20 years.

From Daily Mail:

 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blasted the FBI again Monday – and this time brought up the bureau’s probe into emails maintained by longtime aide Huma Abedin – dismissing the idea she did anything wrong while minimizing the role of her close staffer.

‘Now they apparently want to look at emails of one of my staffers – and by all means they should look at them,’ Clinton said, bringing up the FBI attack at the start of a rally before a room packed with students at Kent State University.

‘And I am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my emails for the last year. There is no case here. And they said it wasn’t even a close call,’ Clinton said.

The staffer Clinton failed to name was Abedin, who has been at her side since Clinton was first lady. Clinton considers her like a surrogate daughter as well as longtime confidant.

Abedin has been known for years to be Clinton’s gatekeeper, and has been revealed in State Department emails as someone constantly consulted on matters relating to Bill Clinton, top donors, close friends, celebrities, who gets face time with the first lady, and paid speeches that pose potential conflicts.

Huma has been off the campaign trail since the day this exploded on the Clintons, and Redstate has some thoughts on why she may have gone missing:

When the aide was asked if Huma was staying away from the campaign plane because of the optics, the aide replied, “I wouldn’t draw too many conclusions.”

Huma isn’t sitting in Brooklyn with a semen stained dress as a bargaining chip. While her lawyer says Huma has complied fully and voluntarily with State Department and law enforcement requests. It has been reported that Huma claims she doesn’t know how the emails came to be on the laptop belonging to her estranged husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner. So Huma has some explaining to do. As the Daily News reports, it wouldn’t be that hard for Comey and company to pin a lot of emailgate blame on Huma.

It’s too soon to say whether Huma is laying low or has turned on Hillary.

With the way Anthony Weiner handed over that laptop without the need for a subpoena, and now with the major diss from Hillary, nothing would surprise us if Huma Abedin finally made the Clintons pay instead of going to jail for them.

It would behoove anyone near Hillary to run for the hills, at this point, before the mask comes off and they see the real Hillary, horns and all!

Source: Daily Mail, Redstate

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