BREAKING: Hillary Locked Up THIS Swing State…But Trump Just Took The LEAD!

With the revelation that the FBI has reopened its case against Hillary Clinton over her illegal email server, the polls have shown a dramatic swing in favor of Donald Trump.

Now, it would be naive to think this one issue was powerful enough to sway undecideds and even Democrats to support the GOP candidate. When looking at Trump’s success already throughout this election, most people would agree he already  had an advantage.

Most likely, the media—seeing the writing on the wall—are releasing these polls that better reflect public opinion, just to not look embarrassed on Election Night. We know the media has been actively aiding Hilary Clinton’s campaign, often releasing distorted polls that favor her, thanks to oversampling certain groups and Democrats.

Regardless of the reasons, it’s clear to see that Trump is pulling ahead in major battleground states.

From Breitbart:

A second poll from the Tar Heel state in as many days confirms that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is leading his Democrat Hillary Clinton.

This poll, from The Trafalgar Group (TFG), shows Trump up by about five percent over Clinton—specifically, a lead of 4.97 percent—outside the survey’s 2.88 percent margin of error. Trump, at 49.13 percent, leads Clinton at 44.16 percent.

These polls aren’t just taking in the opinion of those questioned. When asked what they think their neighbors believe, it is skewing Trump.

Trump does even better than the original numbers when respondents are asked whom they think their neighbor supports. In that question, Trump gets 54 percent even—and Clinton drops to just 39.88 percent.

The race isn’t over yet. With only a few days left before Election Day, more surprises and tricks might come out from the left to undermine the Trump train. The key to victory is for every last American to get out to the polls.

Source: Breitbart

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