BREAKING: Hillary’s Former Staffer TURNS On Her…Drops TRUTH BOMB On Her Campaign!

One of Hillary Clinton’s biggest enemies has just resurfaced, promising to bring more drama to an already scandal-filled presidential campaign.

Who is it?

She’s a former Clinton White House associate—none other than the staffer who worked directly adjacent to Hillary in the West Wing, the one who very nearly had a front row seat to some of Bill Clinton’s most scandalous scandals, including the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Remember Linda Tripp?

Well, Tripp’s now taken to the media to reopen and analyze the Clintons’ former Travelgate, Filegate and Whitewater scandals, along with the suicide of Vince Foster, the Clinton confidante who knew much of each of those matters.

She’s also possessed of insider knowledge on the careless way the Clintons handled sensitive information while in the White House.

And she’s not afraid to dish.

Breitbart reported: “As a crossover staffer from the Bush White House, Tripp explained that she observed significant differences in the manner in which classified material was handled by both the Clinton and Bush administrations. She personally witnessed behavior that may have foreshadowed Clinton’s future email issues in which the presidential candidate sent sensitive data over her personal server and later deleted about 30,000 emails.”

Get ready for an even wilder ride on the campaign trail.

Clinton has been facing increasing scrutiny on the campaign trail about her handling of sensitive and classified information, with polls dipping in response to questions about her ability to lead and about her honesty – factors that have been put to the test over her defense of her home-based email server. And Tripp’s statements might be just the death knell on Clinton’s White House aspirations.

Source: Breitbart

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