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BREAKING: Illegals RAGE Against Trump…They Just Dropped An URGENT Demand On Obama!
By Cheryl Chumley|November 9, 2016

Scarcely had the ballot counters stopped their activities and a stunned media made the call—reluctantly, in many cases—that Donald Trump had in fact won the presidency, and illegal immigrants were already putting their heads together to plot a course of opposition.

And what they’re planning is basically a thwarting of law.  Their window to act is closing quickly.

From the Washington Times:

“Advocates for illegal immigrants sounded the alarm Wednesday morning as Donald Trump was poised to claim the White House, vowing to resist an expected crackdown and calling on localities to declare themselves sanctuary cities, resisting the federal government.”

Yes, that should go over well with the incoming administration. Is the logic from these lefties that crying loud enough wins them their way?

Those days are coming to a quick end – and truly, no one knows it better than the Illegal Living in America.

This bloc’s best hope?

President Obama.

Again, from the Washington Times: “They also demanded President Obama halt all deportations for the rest of his tenure.”

Apparently, illegals see a Trump presidency as a time to panic.

As a spokesperson for one advocacy group for the illegals said in the Washington Times: “All people with love in our hearts are angered and disappointed … and pledge to resist mass deportation. ICE and CBP have proven themselves to be agents of racism and agents of hate.”

Among Trump’s campaign promises was one to build a border wall at Mexico’s expense, and another to triple the number of deportation agents.  Obama and the Democrats are on a tight schedule to execute their plans before Trump undoes their legacy.

Source: Washington Times

Cheryl Chumley
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