BREAKING: Immigration Officials Expose STUNNING Corruption To Trump! Illegals Allowed To…

Sitting here reviewing this information, this writer cannot help but be flabbergasted, outraged and nearly demoralized by the level of evil that skulks around in Washington, D.C., pretending to be the very essence of civilized human morality.

After taking oaths to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America, the very same people who took them have proceeded to do everything in their power to undermine all of what America has stood for in it’s nearly 250 year history.

Something so highly valued as freedom of choice has given way to government supervision, intrusion and outright intimidation in matters that once were totally up to the discretion of the individual person. The Progressive leadership of our country doesn’t believe we unwashed masses are wise enough to make decisions about ourselves and our families so they try to insinuate themselves into that process as often as possible.

But, so many times, it is excruciatingly obvious that our self deified leaders are even less capable of making responsible decisions about our lives than we are, even with their college degrees and titles. The recent bad decision to open the borders and let in more of the riff-raff  from down south has caused some big problems that Big Brother in Washington DC wants to ignore and hopes we do too.

Why? ……………..For votes!

During a meeting between Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials in August, some incriminating evidence was revealed on camera.

From FOX Business Network:

“What you pick up in the conversation is agent from Tucson telling Donald Trump basically why are these undocumented illegals with criminal records, why aren’t they being kicked out. And why is there such a rush to give these illegals citizenship. And he says the ICE official says simply so they can vote.”

Also as reported previously:

The US Border Patrol workers endorsed Donald Trump for president in September.

Obama released 19,000 criminal illegals to the streets of America.

America is being flooded with illegals infected with diseases, criminals and possibly even terrorists all wanting to go on the dole for free handouts, paid for by American taxpayers SO THEY WILL VOTE FOR THE CORRUPT, CAREER POLITICIANS IN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!

We need Donald Trump to clean up and throw out the trash in Washington. Let’s see that he gets that chance!

Source: Gateway Pundit

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