BREAKING: Insiders Drop STUNNING Intel…Hillary May DROP OUT Of The…


New intel is dropping from Democrat sources close to Hillary.

If she follows through with this, it would be unprecedented, and would have massive impact on the race.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been battling for three solid months since their respective conventions, and polls are showing various leads.  The mainstream media has begun declaring victory for Clinton already while the race seems to have taken an enormous toll on her health.  It has also given the alternate media just enough time to reveal massive collusion between the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign.

As the Political Insider reported: “Between career-ending WikiLeaks bombshells and sexual allegations, the stakes have never been higher. Many Americans are already voting absentee, and the election is 21 days away.”

Word from the Clinton camp is strange, to say the least.

“President Barack Obama’s former chief advisor David Axelrod is floating the idea that Hillary should drop out of the debate,” the Political Insider reported. “Why?”

Axelrod in fact raised the issue of Clinton’s drop-out over the weekend, suggesting Trump’s call for a drug test before the debate – a not-so-subtle potshot at the former State Department secretary’s sketchy performace at the last debate that some suggested was due to medication – was an uncalled-for shot.

Axelrod tweeted of Trump’s potshot: “Drug testing?!? You have to wonder if @HillaryClinton will/should reconsider next debate, given the depths to which this has sunk.”

Meanwhile, Team Hillary criticized what they said was Trump’s stalking style during Debate Number Two, accusing the billionaire businessman of walking inappropriately and aggressively too close to their candidate on stage.

“Clearly, Team Hillary is working with Axelrod to use this suggestion of dropping out of the debate as a trial balloon,” Political Insider said. “Now, Hillary’s supporters in the media have joined with the ‘dropping out’ movement. Does this look coordinated to you?”

Source: Political Insider

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