BREAKING: Pro-Trump Polls Censored by Liberal Media! Here’s What They Were Trying to Hide…

The media have tried to stir up controversy over Donald Trump’s stance on immigration. Throughout the election and even now, they have tried to paint him as some kind of racist and xenophobe, who wants to drive all non-white people from the country.

That is straight fiction. Trump won the election because of his strong stance against illegal immigration, a problem that even President Bill Clinton in the 90’s worked to fixed. Modern liberals want to encourage illegal immigration on the foolish notion that future generations will vote Democrat.

Trump’s stance is to end the practice of allowing criminals to stay in our country. He wants to prevent mass migrant of Syrian refugees who cannot be vetted. And he wants to make it harder for people to attain visas when they cannot be properly cleared.

His policies are clearly lined out at, information that the mainstream media refuses to cover.

But despite their lies, a majority of Americans support Trump’s stances on immigration.

From Breitbart:

A just-released poll shows that Donald Trump’s campaign-trail immigration and labor policies have overwhelming public support, and strong opposition from just one-sixth of voters.

The Ipsos poll shows that only about one-in-six Americans strongly oppose Trump’s policies towards immigrant labor, repatriations, sanctuary cities, Islamic migrants, employer oversight and his ground-breaking proposal to reduce legal immigration.

Trump’s labor and immigration policies are “strongly” backed by an average 32 percent of the respondents, and are “somewhat” supported by another 25 percent. That is an average support of almost 60 percent, versus strong opposition of just 15 percent. Roughly 10 percent did not answer the questions.

Ipsos is a highly rated polling firm, but conducted the poll in September and hid the pro-Trump answers until Nov. 16, a week after the election.

The fact that this poll wasn’t released until after the election smacks of more media manipulation. Had it been released before Election Day, perhaps more people would have realized how much of an advantage Trump had.

The poll gauged American attitudes toward immigration and how they felt about Trump’s plans. Most either strongly supported him and somewhat supported him, meaning that most leaned in Trump’s direction when it came to controversial issues, rather than Hillary’s.

This explains, in part, how Hillary lost so spectacularly. The leaked speeches that espoused her support for open borders struck a major blow in her campaign. Not to mention her desire to grant amnesty to all illegals and increase migrants into America by 500%.

Judging from this newly released poll, a vast swath of Americans disagreed and were perhaps shocked at her plans.

Not so surprising they voted for Trump, is it?

Source: Breitbart

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