BREAKING: Judge PROTECTS Crooked Hillary! DAMNING Emails Won’t Be Released Until…

With all of Hillary Clinton’s scandals looming over her campaign you’d think she might just try a little honesty once for a change. Her “deleted” emails, donations to the Clinton Foundation from questionable foreign interests and constant lying all add up to one major conclusion.

Hillary is the epitome of the bribed, bought and paid for politician who owes so many favors to so many private special interests no one could expect any sort of pro-American administration from her at all!

Now, since Hillary’s emails might reveal something even more incriminating that could throw her campaign into a tailspin, a federal judge has stepped in to save the day by keeping those emails from seeing light until after the election.

As stated on Louder With Crowder:

A federal judge ruled that a trove of Hillary Clinton’s emails can be released to the public after Election Day.That means the majority of messages recovered during an FBI investigation into Clinton’s classified email scandal won’t see the light of day until well after Americans pick a new president, raising the possibility that an ‘October surprise’ might pop up in December or January.

This is an absolutely corrupt process the State Department has come up with,’ Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton [said], blaming the Obama administration for slow-walking the release.A lot of people seem to be going through a lot of trouble to keep these emails hidden. It sort of clues us in to their nature. Why are they working so hard to hide said emails? I’ll take a shot in the dark here and guess that they don’t make Hillary look so good. 

The dirt on Hillary just keeps getting deeper and “the establishment” is in full damage control mode on her behalf trying to keep the public in the dark as long as possible. These scandals are not going away and a Hillary Clinton presidency would not only add to them but her “clean up crew” might just make hard to survive for those of us who aren’t willing to let it go away quietly.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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