BREAKING: Latest National Poll Has Hillary PANICKING…And Donald SMILING!

Depending upon which poll you look at and whether it’s sponsored by a left leaning or right leaning organization, the results of the poll could show  just about anything the sponsors want it to show.

Most mainstream media polls are showing Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, ahead by as much as 11 or 12 points even though her rallies are pulling in only a fraction of what Republican Donald Trump is attracting.

Yet the media still maintains that Hillary is winning.

Another pollster has entered the ring to offer more data and opinions on which candidate is leading at the moment!

From the Los Angeles Times:


The individual data points, which you can see on their page, indicates a surge in male support and a surge among the lower middle class, those making $35-75k/yr and have some college experience.  After taking a hit over bad press, Trump seems to be regaining any of the base and independents that had second thoughts about him.  Note that, unlike many of the other polls in this election season, the LA Times gives Trump a distinct lead for a majority of the race.

This is bad news for Hillary, but even though she has been far too cocky in these final days, this race is still too close to call according to any of the polls. It is imperative that every supporter gets out the vote and gets to the polls themselves!

Source: Los Angeles Times

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