BREAKING: Lester Holt’s Anti-Trump Lies EXPOSED…The FIX Was In!

The dust is still settling from the first presidential debate. Experts and news anchors are sifting through the momentous night, picking apart the various aspects of the event.

Most viewers agreed that Donald Trump had a great night. Hillary Clinton… not so much.

One of the biggest shocks to come out of the debate was the behavior of moderator Lester Holt. As an NBC anchorman, one can expect him to have a liberal biased, which he clearly does. However, when entrusted with the responsibility of moderating something as important as a presidential debate, viewers expect at least a modicum of professionalism.

Clearly, Holt does not agree.

Throughout the night he went after Trump with loaded questions, not to mention cutting the candidate off to contradict him. Meanwhile, despite the relevant issues like the Clinton Foundation and email scandal, he not once challenged Hillary.

That kind of behavior is grossly unprofessional, biased, and insulting.

From Conservative Tribune:

Rather than ask Clinton why she voted for the war, Holt continued to press Trump, saying that in an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Trump expressed his support for the war.

After the debate was over, Cavuto aired the interview in question and showed that Trump wasn’t all gung-ho about invading Iraq before we went in — he had his reservations…

Instead of hammering Trump for his alleged “support” for the Iraq War, the moderator really should have asked Clinton why she voted to authorize the war when she had access to much more information than Trump did.

Obviously Holt used what little power he had to hammer Trump over issues like his taxes, the Iraq War, and even towards the end suggesting he was sexist. Yet Holt refused to challenge Hillary over her actual money laundering (via the Clinton Foundation), her terrible record on cyber warfare (thanks to her email scandal), and the disgusting, disgraceful ads she runs against Trump.

With the facts in his favor, Trump clearly won the debate. However the biased media are twisting facts and distorting the truth to forward their agenda.

We deserve better than that.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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