WHOA! One Country Just Made A MASSIVE Move Against Muslims…Should America Do The Same?

The threat of radical Islam is spreading across the globe.

As more migrants from the Middle East invade the Western world, violent crimes against women–not to mention terrorist attacks–have grown substantially.

European nations are struggling to protect their citizens in light of this new reality.

While some national leaders, like Germany’s Angela Merkel, seem to ignore the problem, there are countries taking a stand to prevent the spread of radical Islam.

They recognize the danger this narrow ideology presents to their way of life and are taking steps to stem its tide.

And they’re doing it in the most shocking manner possible.

From Conservative Tribune:

With radical Islamic terrorism and the use of the burqa on the rise across the globe, one European country has decided to take a bold stand.

That country happens to be Bulgaria, where the parliament last week gave preliminary approval to a bill that would ban the wearing of burqas, according to Balkan Insight, a publication of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

If eventually enacted into law, the bill would levy a hefty fine on first and second offenses, as well as rescind government benefits on subsequent offenses.

When enacted, the law will impose monetary fines and even prison sentences, up to five years. The law is aimed not at women, but at those who try to persuade or intimidate them into wearing the garment.

This strong measure is meant not only to protect the freedoms of women in Bulgaria, but it sends a strong message to radical Muslims. The nation will not allow their toxic way of life to affect their values and freedoms.

Proposed by a nationalist coalition known as the Patriotic Front, the bill specifically aims to thwart “the aggressive enforcement of limits to personal freedom and human dignity of the woman.” Moreover, it applies to practically everyone in Bulgaria, including citizens, temporary residents and migrants, and it covers all public spaces.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “That’s great! Why don’t we do that in America?”

Although we need to take a strong stance against radical Islam and any ideology that subjugates women, a measure like this would be viewed as an infringement on free speech and religion.

The very freedoms that aim to keep us safe and free from tyranny can be used by radicals to suppress American citizens, i.e.: their wives and daughters.

Hopefully, though, Bulgaria’s example will inspire other European nations to curtail the spread of radical Islam.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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