BREAKING: Media OUTSIDERS Make A Stunning Announcement…Debate’s BIG Winner Is…

Sometimes it’s refreshing to get an outsider’s point of view.

At least in part because the American mainstream media’s liberal drumbeat can get so…stale.  And just a huge garbage heap of lies.

The foreign press, particularly in the United Kingdom, has been almost uniformly patronizing and hostile when covering this presidential race. However, the more populist Daily Mail had reporters on the ground in St. Louis to write about the second presidential debate, and they at least tried to be fair, if not downright favorable to Trump.

David Martosko, the Daily Mail’s U.S. Political Editor, wrote:

The debate night that will be discussed for generations in Political Science classes – and Women’s Studies seminars – ended with Republican Donald Trump landing more punches than Democrat Hillary Clinton, and successfully deflecting attention successfully away from a two-day-old crisis about graphic sexual language that threatened to derail his White House bid.

In the first debate at Hofstra University 13 days earlier, Clinton sat back and let Trump hang himself. But on Sunday her quiet patience gave him room to roam and dominate. (…)

Clinton established herself as a superior bureaucrat Sunday night with more mature knowledge of foreign policy minutiae and a more intelligible way of communicating details about how laws are made.

But Trump won on points in what has become the Year of the Outsider, playing to a national television audience that polls show are weary of Washington’s same-old same-old and eager for new blood.

Martosko also highlighted on Trump’s boldest move: Bringing some of Bill Clinton’s most vocal accusers to the debate venue as a rebuke to Hillary’s self-righteous claim to be a staunch feminist, all the while enabling her husband’s sexual misconduct.

The Daily Mail journalist goes on to offer a point by point analysis of the debate, and hands the victory to Donald Trump, for not just holding his own but pushing past Hillary Clinton for the win.

Credit: Daily Mail

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