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By Cheryl Chumley|November 2, 2016

The polls are showing some curious signs of tightening.  For months we have been saying that trends seem to matter, but ultimately November 8th is the poll that counts.

Well a national tracking poll has some new numbers out that is showing a trendline so steep, it is almost unheard of.

This may finally be the evidence of the massive effect the FBI announcement has had on the race, as much as the mainstream media has tried to deny it.

The latest from ABC News/Washington Post puts Trump ahead of Clinton with likely voters around the nation by one percentage point. Talk about a bomb being dropped.

“Tump earns the support of 46 percent of likely voters,” Breitbart reported, “while Clinton only earns 45 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has three percent support and Jill Stein only has two percent.”

But maybe the biggest story is not how much Trump has gained in recent days, since FBI director James Comey announced the finding of up to 650,000 more emails that could be related to Clinton and her private, home-based email server. Rather, the larger matter is more Clinton’s downfall.

“Since Friday,” Breitbart reported, “Clinton has lost seven points among voters who are enthusiastic about her candidacy. Trump leads Clinton by eight points among voters who are very enthusiastic about his bid.”

ABC News does point out – and no wonder, given the outlet’s left-leaning tendencies – that technically speaking, Trump is only leading Clinton by 0.7 points.  But the momentum that Trump was already gaining before the FBI release points to a continued shift away from Hillary.

Source: Breitbart

Cheryl Chumley
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