BREAKING: New Battleground Poll Has One Candidate PULLING AWAY…But Not Who You Think!

The days since Trump’s leaked video was blown up by the mainstream media have been intense, with a debate, sexual allegations on both sides, and a deluge of Wikileaks releases that should e extremely damaging to Hillary Clinton.

Many pundits called the race the day after the video, claiming Trump had no way left to victory with his own party turning on him. Trump’s steps, however, to confidently move forward, with or without the Republicans, has brought many back into the fold and surprised even the media.

Hillary, meanwhile, is backpedaling from the stunning evidence of her collusion with the media and other revelations.

Even so, Trump fell behind significantly over the first week after the video in both national polls and battleground states.  Whether this was a function of changing opinion or changing metrics within the polls, we cannot be entirely sure, but watching the response on the right it may have been fair to assume slightly lower Republican turnout.

In one of the biggest battleground states of all, Ohio, Donald had taken a hit.  But new numbers are surprising everyone.  From NBC News:

In Ohio, Trump holds a one-point advantage over Clinton among likely voters, 42 percent to 41 percent, with Johnson at 9 percent and Stein at 4 percent, although that margin is inside the poll’s margin of error.
Clinton and Trump are tied in a two-way race in the Buckeye State — 45 percent to 45 percent.

Trump’s best path to get the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House is by sweeping North Carolina and Ohio, as well as Florida and Pennsylvania.

ohio voters oct 14 nbc

This is evidence of Donald’s resiliency and shows that the continual barrage and reminder of Hillary’s corruption is having a deleterious effect on Hillary.  If she can barely crack 40% in a bellwether state like Ohio, she is clearly one of the weakest Democrat candidates in recent memory.  Donald may have taken a hit, but it’s not over, and the only poll that matters is the one on November 8th.

Source: NBC News

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