BREAKING: New October Surprise Just DROPPED…Sets FIRE To The Race!

It appears that the gloves are off and the safeguards removed for the remainder of this election campaign. The Democrats aren’t pulling any punches and their sights are set on not just defeating Republican, Donald Trump, but destroying him!

This is the first election, since the Clintons came on the scene, and Bill was elected president in 1992 that we have seen such mudslinging and personal attacks against both sides.

It’s sad and disheartening for us to have to witness such political debauchery happening by campaigners who claim to have such high moral standards that they are above reproach.

With the latest revelation of a video showing Donald Trump making lewd remarks during what he thought was a private conversation, off the record and never meant to be seen outside of that meeting, now comes the newest attack from the liberal, media assassins bent on dragging Trump to his demise.

From the New York Times:

 Two women have come forward to accuse the real estate billionaire of rape. One of the incidents reportedly took place in 2005.

Jessica Leeds, now 74 years of age, claims that Trump engaged in sexual assault against her. The New York Times certainly took its time shining a spotlight on her case, which has not been heard in a court of law.

The Times is now going to try it in the court of public opinion—less than a month away from a national election.

There’s no need to state the details of the alleged assaults as we have probably all heard something similar before. As in the allegations made against “Slick Willy” and his attack dog, wife Hillary Clinton.

This all came on the heels of a BuzzFeed story that leveled accusations against Trump for allegedly walking into a girls dressing room during the 1997 Miss Teen USA beauty pageant but a subsequent follow up with 11 other contestants did not substantiate the claim who said “they did not recall seeing Trump in the dressing room. Some said they do not believe he could have been there.”

The question most of us are thinking is why did they not vet Trump early during the beginning of the campaign cycle? The whole episode looks like an attempt to rig the election by [sitting] on the ammunition about his marital infidelities until the last possible moment, in order to inflict maximum damage on Trump and the Republican Party.”

I don’t know about you, but this makes me dislike the Democrats and especially the Clintons and their vile, media cohorts even more than I did!

Everyone has things in their past they are not proud of and the Democrat/media war machine does a really fine job destroying reputations with slander and innuendo.

They should be good at it after all the practice they’ve had covering up their own corruption!  Does it occur to anyone that all the Devil had to do start a rebellion against God was to slander Him?

Source: Independent Journal Review

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