BREAKING: The Numbers That REALLY COUNT Are In! Shows A MASSIVE Landslide For…

According to the Lamestream media polls, the two presidential candidates, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are nearly neck and neck with Hillary maintaining a slight lead of 1 or 2 points over Trump. The numbers on internet social media forums and attendees at campaign rallies, on the other hand, are ignored as “unscientific,” while their guessing game seems more precise to them (and gives them the numbers they want.

Social media and rallies are pointing to a very different outcome.

According to these measures, which show intensity of support much more accurately, 2016 is looking to be a landslide election.

In a study from the Gateway Pundit:

Through the months of August and September Trump crushed Clinton in rallies held and rally attendance. 


To put these numbers in perspective, Trump has had nearly a third of a million more people at his rallies than Hillary and over 25 times the total attendees she has accumulated. 

The mainstream media hasn’t reported on these numbers because it looks so bad for Hillary!

The Gateway Pundit reported similar results from social media sites:


Not only is Trump crushing Clinton in rally participation, Trump is also humiliating her in every imaginable social media numerical indicator.

  • Trump has more than 4 million or nearly twice as many Facebook ‘likes’ at his sight as Hillary does on hers through October 1st.
  • Trump has 2 million or a third more Twitter followers than Clinton and based on Twitter audited data, Trump has actually 40% more followers than Clinton on Twitter. And Trump’s followers are real people.
  • Trump outpaces Clinton on Instagram by a quarter million or 10%.
  • Finally, Trump is crushing Clinton on YouTube in both subscribers and views. 90 million have viewed Trump videos compared to only 25 million Clinton views.

This is really good news if America can keep the Hillary camp from stealing the election through voter fraud. We know that they know the only way Hillary could pull it out is by cheating and of course she will try. If there is any kind of fair and honest counting of the votes, it should clearly result in a Trump victory.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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