BREAKING: Obama Abuses Presidential Power…Drops BASELESS Accusation On Trump!

Desperation over the Hillary Clinton loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election has led the Obama administration to some very unseemly tactics. Namely, the allegation that Russia used cyber attacks to manipulate the outcome of the election in favor of Trump.

It’s a fair assertion that politicians and their underlings will argue for both sides of an issue if that’s what it takes to win an election.

The Obama administration is now saying Russian hacking affected the election in favor of Trump but when Hillary was being investigated for mishandling of classified emails, there was no Russian Hacking.

According to CNN’s Josh Ernest:

The White House strongly suggested Monday that Donald Trump was the beneficiary of Russian meddling in the US election, pointing to Trump’s own ties to Russia as evidence of Moscow’s intentions.

“You didn’t need a security clearance to figure out who benefited from malicious Russian cyberactivity,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest during a briefing with reporters Monday. “The President-elect didn’t call it into question, he called on Russia to hack his opponent. He called on Russia to hack Secretary Clinton. So he certainly had a pretty good sense of whose side this cyberactivity was coming down on.”
“The last several week of the election were focused on a discussion of emails that had been hacked and leaked by the Russians. These were emails from the (Democratic National Committee) and John Podesta, not from the (Republican National Committee) and Stephen Bannon,” Earnest said, naming the campaign chairmen of the Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns.

It was the President-elect who over the course of the campaign indicated that he thought that President Putin was a strong leader,” Earnest went on, listing other examples of areas Trump and his campaign appeared closely linked to Russian interests. “The President-elect’s team, his campaign, did not make any effort to obscure this.”

So, Ernest is basically saying that because Trump thinks Putin is a “strong leader,” it must mean the Russians hacked an American presidential election to get Trump elected.


Desperate times call for desperate measures and, evidently, the Democrats must be REALLY desperate!

Source: CNN

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