BREAKING: O’Keefe DESTROYS Hillary With Explosive Videos…Clinton RETALIATES By…

We’ve all heard that social media, like Facebook and Twitter, are censoring anti-Hillary speech on their sites and it looks like James O’Keefe of ‘Project Veritas‘ fame is the latest person to feel the heat from the social media giants.

O’Keefe posted two videos on Twitter and one has a New York Board of Elections commissioner explaining how easy it is for voter fraud to happen and the other has a Clinton election campaign staffer making similar remarks that Republican, Donald Trump has been accused of, and for that O’Keefe’s account was locked.

From the Independent Journal Review:

Screenshot 2016-10-13 00.05.04

Could it be that president Obama’s supposed handover of control of the internet, to the UN, is starting to take effect? We certainly hope not!

The political fallout from the 2016 presidential elections is increasing to drastic levels and we are seeing a deviousness in the Democrats that hasn’t been seen before and the responses from The Trump campaign have been ratcheting up, as well.

The final outcome, however, is looking more and more uncertain with every passing day with concerns about voter ID fraud, Hillary’s cheating and her lap dog media attacking Trump’s character but we remain positive that Trump will still win it!

Source: Independent Journal Review


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