BREAKING: Professor’s Model Makes STUNNING Prediction! OVERWHELMING Odds For…

I’m sure I’m not the only person perplexed by the media’s ongoing narrative about this election. Most major “news” networks, including supposed conservative outlet Fox News, releases report after report and poll after poll, claiming Hillary Clinton is winning the election.

Yet looking at real world evidence suggests otherwise. Trump won the primary in a landslide, breaking voting records across the country. He’s raised over 100 million dollars for his campaign solely through small-dollar donations. And he regularly packs out stadiums and venues for his rallies around the country.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, can’t fill a small park with supporters. She’s been exposed in leak after leak, proving her corruption and dishonesty. There are serious concerns over her health.  She’s generally a disliked figure with a terrible track record of leadership (ahem, Benghazi).

And that’s not to mention her empty plans for America.

Yet if you look at the media, they claim she is the Second Coming!

It’s good to know I’m not the only person predicting a decisive victory for Trump. In fact, people much smarter than me are giving him overwhelming odds.

From Info Wars:

Political science professor Helmut Norpoth, who has accurately called the results of the last five presidential elections, still asserts that Donald Trump has an 87% chance of defeating Hillary Clinton despite Clinton being ahead in the polls.

Norpoth’s model has correctly predicted the outcome of the popular vote for every election since 1996, including the 2000 race where Al Gore won the popular vote but George W. Bush took the presidency.

“It usually turns out that the candidate who does better in his party’s primary beats the other guy who does less well,” said Norpoth, adding that Trump’s margin of victory in New Hampshire and South Carolina compared to Clinton (who lost in New Hampshire) was crucial to his model.

Norpoth is looking at actual facts to come to this conclusion. He’s not basing it on the conflicting and suspicious polls and results coming from the media.

There is more evidence that should make you wary of any “new poll” released on TV or the Internet. We’ve seen the memos where the a Democratic Super PAC intended on barraging voters with distorted polls that Hillary is winning to discourage them from getting out and supporting Trump.

Wikileaks has released emails that show the DNC’s plan to oversample democrats in supposed “fair” polls to give Hillary an advantage.

It’s clear that the establishment, from D.C. to the media, want Hillary to win. While the American people–a vast majority of us–want Trump to win. The establishment will do everything in their power to suppress our voices, discourage our votes, and if that fails, manipulate the election results if possible.

We cannot let them get away with any of it. Withdraw your support to any media outlet who is lying to you. Do not give them your clicks, viewership, or ad dollars. Speak out against anyone caught lying and cheating this election.

And be sure to vote, either early or on Election Day.

Source: Info Wars

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